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Your Source for Tick Control

Mosquito Authority is your source for tick control! As a professional tick control company, we offer licensed and effective solutions to wipe out ticks on the spot and keep them away for longer.

Our expert team has nearly two decades of experience providing customized tick pest control plans to customers to keep your family and pets safe from ticks and tick-borne illnesses.

Since 2002, Mosquito Authority has provided cost-effective, proven systems to remove pests from your property. Our treatments are rooted in science and designed to give you the peace of mind you need when spending time outside.

Our licensed professionals can create custom programs and season-long services to ensure your property stays tick-free, without commitments or contracts. We take the time to listen to your needs and craft a customized plan according to your property and preferences.

Ticks are becoming a growing public health problem in the US due to the numerous illnesses they can transmit. Their bites can expose your family to a range of illnesses, running the gamut from mild to life-threatening.

With 476,000 people in the US contracting Lyme disease each year, it’s imperative to take action against ticks.

Mosquito Authority knows how important it is to keep your family safe. Here, we’ll share our tips for preventing tick bites, tick control solutions, tick-related illness, tick repellent, organic tick control, and other tick pest control benefits.

Choose Mosquito Authority to protect yourself, your family, pets, and guests from ticks.


How to Prevent Tick Bites

One of the primary reasons we founded Mosquito Authority is to keep families safe from the illnesses mosquitoes can transmit. Our mission remains the same with preventing tick bites: our goal is to protect your family from ticks to help you be outdoors without the worry of illnesses like Lyme disease.

With nearly two decades of experience, Mosquito Authority features a professional team that can effectively treat your property and prevent tick bites.

While it might seem like a simple task to treat your yard yourself, there are specific techniques, rules, and regulations regarding pesticide applications on your property.

Let the professionals at Mosquito Authority handle the job! Our tick control services feature the same great customer service, benefits, and guarantee as our mosquito control services.

We feature best-in-class tick control services to kill ticks. Mosquito Authority features tick control solutions to make it easy to keep ticks off your property.

Our proprietary four-step process includes a comprehensive walk-through of your property to devise a custom plan to remove ticks from your yard.

Our highly effective tick spray services are your best defense against ticks on your property. Mosquito Authority ensures you’ll stay tick-free or we’ll be back.

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Guide to Tick Disease Prevention

Preventing tick-borne diseases is part of the Mosquito Authority mission. Our best-in-class tick pest control are rooted in science and can help reduce ticks on your property on a long-term basis.

There are several techniques we can employ to reduce your exposure to ticks. We have an arsenal of solutions we can use to prevent tick diseases, including our biodegradable tick tubes.

A bite from a tick can be dangerous, as tick-related illnesses can range from mild discomfort to life-threatening or long-term ailments. Exposure can occur year-round, and some illnesses may not show an onset of symptoms until up to 30 days after the bite.

Keeping a close eye on your symptoms post-bite can help you determine whether you have tick-bite fever or Lyme disease.

While there are similar symptoms, ticks with Lyme disease often carry hallmark symptoms like a bull’s-eye rash and sudden knee pain with a quicker onset.

Unfortunately there’s no way to prevent Lyme disease after a tick bite, but monitoring your symptoms and visiting a doctor is the best way to determine the right tick control treatment for you. Utilizing tick control services from Mosquito Authority is an effective way to prevent tick bites on humans and pets alike.

Tick Repellent

Mosquito Authority offers licensed tick repellent services to protect your family and pets from ticks and the illnesses they can transmit.

As ticks are a part of the outdoors, there are some precautions you can take to repel ticks. Skin and clothing insect repellents are a good place to start, but our tick repelling services can help you achieve more peace of mind on your property.

The Mosquito Authority team of professionals are experts at locating tick habitats and administering high-grade products. We’ll develop a custom plan based on your property and preferences to wipe out ticks and keep them away.

We have treatment options to suit all of your needs, including organic or natural tick repellent. Our effective, all-natural methods use fewer chemicals, have less of an impact on the environment, and can help improve the existing plants in your yard.

Large properties can be difficult to treat and maintain against ticks, but with Mosquito Authority, we make lawn pest control service easy!

We have special techniques to control ticks on properties that are an acre or larger. Our cost-effective and proven systems can help protect your family and pets from ticks and tick-borne illness.

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Natural Tick Control Solutions

Mosquito Authority is on a mission to keep your family safe from Lyme disease with our licensed tick control services! Our ticks control service work in the same way as our mosquito mitigation process by disrupting the tick life cycle.

If you’re interested in natural tick control but want to know if organic options actually work, the answer is a resounding yes with Mosquito Authority.

One of our options for organic tick treatments are our tick tubes. Mosquito Authority’s tick tubes rely on the relationship between ticks and mice to wipe out pests on the spot.

These tubes are easily installed, biodegradable, and leave a minimal environmental footprint.

There are also steps you can take that don’t involve sprays or treatments. We suggest following the Centers for Disease Control recommendations to create a tick-safe zone in your yard by:

  • Removing leaf litter
  • Clearing tall grasses and brush around the home and at the edge of the lawn
  • Placing barriers of wood chips or gravel between the lawn and wood areas
  • Mowing the lawn frequently
  • Stacking wood piles neatly and in a dry area
  • Keeping playground equipment, decks, and patios away from yard edges and trees
  • Discouraging unwelcome animals from entering your yard by constructing fences
  • Removing old furniture and other trash from the yard

Mosquito Authority offers all-natural, organic tick spray that can be applied to your property. We use the best plant-based products to offer our clients alternative, botanical solutions.

We apply the essential oil blend every two weeks, and while our solutions are designed to wipe out ticks in a single visit, we do recommend scheduling subsequent treatments to keep the tick barrier intact.

Choosing all-organic tick control for your yard is easy with Mosquito Authority!

Our effective, all-natural methods are designed to be eco-friendly, work well, and last for weeks, just like our regular tick control solutions. We use only ingredients that are simple to pronounce and eliminate mystery chemicals from your property.

In fact, many of these ingredients contain compounds that are good for plants and can help improve the look of your yard!

Tick Pest Control Professional

While it might seem like a simple solution to treat your property yourself, there are considerable disadvantages if you don’t have tick control experience. The professionals at Mosquito Authority have nearly two decades of experience treating for ticks, giving us the expertise we need to effectively control them on your property. As a tick control company, we provide different pest control services depending on your unique situation. When we set up an initial consultation, we take the time to listen to your concerns before coming out to survey your property. After observing your property, we’ll develop a customized plan to make your outdoor space tick-free as quickly as possible. Mosquito Authority offers several mosquito and tick control services. We have treatments for large properties, and eco-friendly tick tubes for those who prefer all-natural options. Our professional team will discuss your options with you when you contact us. There’s no question that you need tick pest control from Mosquito Authority to protect yourself, your family, and your pets from ticks. While checking frequently for ticks, using insect repellents on your skin and clothes, and creating a tick-safe zone are some great techniques to keep ticks away, they are stubborn and require more effective methods to keep away. Tick bites are dangerous and pose a serious health risk to humans and animals alike. They can transmit numerous diseases and illnesses, including Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, neurotoxins, allergens, bacteria, parasites, viruses, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Thousands of people are diagnosed with tick-borne illnesses each year, constituting a substantial and expanding public health problem in the US. Don’t let ticks make you sick – choose professional, best-in-class tick treatments from Mosquito Authority to keep your family and pets safe outside. If you’re looking for professional tick control services near you or would like a quote for tick control costs, reach out to Mosquito Authority today. We’re here to help protect you and your family so you can take back your yard!
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