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Backyard Mosquito Control Solutions for Your Yard

Mosquito Authority is your solution for your mosquito-free yard! We offer mosquito yard control services without contracts and provide your best defense against pests.

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Backyard Mosquito Control Systems for Every Yard

As the leader in mosquito control services, Mosquito Authority is the expert in backyard mosquito control. We go beyond other mosquito control companies by providing a comprehensive, proven process that factors in all of the unique variables of your property. You can rest assured that we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to mosquito control and that you’ll have the right treatments expertly applied by our licensed professionals.

Mosquito Authority knows how important it is to have a secure mosquito-free yard. Our founder wanted to protect his children against mosquitoes beyond bug sprays and zappers so they could play comfortably.

Over the years, we’ve helped countless families eliminate mosquitoes using our time-tested systems, and we take each job as an opportunity to continue proving ourselves. 

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Step 1: Identify the problem

Every property is different, but we’re all in with the fight to prevent illnesses caused by mosquitoes. Mosquito Authority takes the time to assess your specific situation thoroughly and offers a wide range of modern solutions to take back your yard.

We’re proud to offer residential mosquito control services that are tailored to your specific needs. We’ve become a leader in mosquito control because we know how to make the most of these techniques.

Our residential mosquito control systems include:

  • Mosquito Barrier Control Services. Barrier protection is a winning strategy that strategically treats common mosquito habitats and breeding areas. Our licensed professionals make note of mosquito hotspots, like standing water, tall grass, logs or trees, and rock fixtures as points of treatment to stop the mosquito life cycle in its tracks.
  • All-Natural Mosquito Control Solution. We’re always on the lookout for the best mosquito control methods, and we’re proud to be able to offer a plant-based solution to our clients. Our alternative, botanical solution makes the best of time-tested ingredients to wipe out virtually every mosquito on your property.
  • Mosquito Misting System. Our latest control system is an advanced misting system that takes all the hassles out of treatments. Our mosquito misting system provides complete property control by automatically dispersing a fine mist of professional-grade mosquito control product. Best of all, it’s easy to change times or suspend treatments right from your smartphone.
  • Special Event Treatments. Hosting a special event in your yard but afraid mosquitoes will ruin the celebration? Don’t be! Mosquito Authority offers outdoor event mosquito treatments to keep your parties pest-free. We only need 48 hours’ notice, and you’ll be able to host your event without worry.
Mosquito Authority Guarantee

No Mosquitoes. Guaranteed.

Making your yard mosquito-free is our specialty! Mosquito Authority takes mosquito yard control very seriously, and we work hard to eliminate every mosquito from your property.

We’re committed to providing complete satisfaction and stand by our no-mosquito guarantee. If you’re bothered by mosquitoes in between treatments, simply give us a call; we’ll come back out, reassess your property, and re-treat if necessary, at no additional charge.

Mosquito Authority is so confident in our effective residential mosquito control that we don’t require long-term commitments or contracts. Regular maintenance programs are the most effective way to protect your family from mosquitoes, but we never ask customers to commit to regular treatments in advance.

Need a mosquito-free yard? Reach out to Mosquito Authority for our residential services today!

Contact us today for more information or to find service near you.

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