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How to Prevent Tick Bites

Mosquito Authority has nearly two decades of experience with helping customers prevent tick bites and Lyme Disease with our licensed tick control strategies.
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How to Prevent Tick Bites

Mosquito Authority knows how important it is to keep your family safe from Lyme Disease. We’re proud to offer licensed tick control to give our customers more peace of mind that they’re keeping their family safe and have more freedom to enjoy the outdoors.

We have nearly two decades of experience in dealing with ticks. Our expert team will develop a custom plan based on your unique situation, property, and time of year. We know how to effectively control ticks and increase the likelihood that they’ll not only be wiped out, but will stay away for longer.

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Preventing Tick Bites

There are many different strategies to prevent tick bites. It may seem like a simple task to treat your yard yourself, however, there are specific techniques, times to apply, types of treatments, and rules and regulations regarding pesticide applications on residential properties. Rather than take the risk of improperly applying pesticides, let the licensed tick control specialists at Mosquito Authority do all the hard work for you!

One of the greatest aspects of utilizing our mosquito control mitigation services is that these services work in a similar way with ticks. Mosquito Authority’s best-in-class tick control disrupts the tick life cycle, beginning with the larvae. By reducing the number of tick larvae, we can help reduce their habitats on a long-term basis. Our tick barrier control services feature the same great customer service, benefits, and guarantee as our mosquito control service.

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How to Treat a Bite from Ticks

One of the best ways to prevent tick bites is to treat your yard with our tick control service. Mosquito Authority offers best-in-class tick control services to prevent ticks from taking over your property. Another way to prevent tick bites is to perform careful checks of your clothing, skin, and pets. If you find an embedded tick on your skin, you’ll want to take action as quickly as possible.

While folk medicine once suggested applying petroleum jelly, nail polish, or heat to remove an embedded tick, all you really need is a pair of tweezers. The goal of removing ticks is to ensure that the entire tick is removed, and that you do so quickly. Removing a tick that’s been attached for less than 24 hours greatly reduces the transmission of Lyme disease; however, other diseases may still be transmitted.

Once the tick is removed, you’ll want to thoroughly clean the bite area and your hands with rubbing alcohol or soap and water. Ticks can be sent for testing, or disposed of by putting in a jar of alcohol, placing it in a sealed bag or container, wrapping it tightly in tape, or flushing it down the toilet.

Over the next few weeks after a tick bite, you’ll want to keep an eye out for rash or fever. If these develop, you’ll want to see your doctor for further testing.

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How to Kill Ticks

Mosquito Authority offers several highly effective solutions that are designed to kill ticks. Our tick barrier control services are based on the three-week life cycle of ticks. We take the time to inspect your property, remove elements that create a tick habitat, and apply barrier treatment. These high-grade barrier treatments work for up to three weeks, and we’ll return after 21 days to repeat the process.

We also feature biodegradable tick tubes. Not only are they easy to install and leave a minimal environmental impact, our tick tubes are some of the best tools we have against ticks. As mice and ticks are often associated with one another, our tick tubes utilize this relationship to target these pests. We fill our tick tubes with treated cotton, which mice bring back to their homes to serve as bedding material. When the mice return to their homes, the treated cotton effectively wipes out ticks on the spot.

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Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

With tick-borne illnesses on the rise in the US, you’ll want to create a tick-safe zone on your property with Mosquito Authority’s tick control solutions. Aside from our tick control treatments, there are several other actions you can take to discourage ticks from setting up shop on your property.

In terms of yard maintenance, you’ll want to remove leaf litter, clear tall grasses and brush, mow the lawn frequently, stack wood neatly and in a dry area, discourage unwelcome animals with fences, and remove yard trash. You can keep playground equipment, decks, and patios away from yard edges and trees, and create barriers by adding wood chips or gravel between lawns and wooded areas to restrict tick migration.

When you utilize our services, Mosquito Authority employs a thorough process to ensure your yard is tick-free. We take the time to identify your problem, first on our initial call, and then again when we visit your property. Next, we’ll perform a comprehensive walk-through of your property, devise a customized solution, and provide tips to further eliminate ticks.

Then, we’ll treat your property with our unique, multi-step treatment process. Our highly effective method for tick control disrupts the life cycle of the pests, eliminating them from your yard both immediately and for the long term. Thanks to our guarantee, you’ll stay tick-free, or we’ll come back out and treat again at no additional charge.

Mosquito Authority tick control services are your best defense against tick infestations on your property. We work hard to keep ticks at bay and reduce your risk of tick-borne illnesses so you can look forward to a tick-free outdoor space.

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