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Professional Tick Control to Get Your Yard Ready for the Season

With summer just around the corner, everyone is ready to get back outside and enjoy the weather! When you’re ready to host cookouts, throw pool parties, or otherwise take on the great outdoors in your own backyard, an important factor to consider is your tick control. Nothing ruins a beautiful day outside like finding a creepy, crawly tick on your clothes or skin.

If you’re looking for professional, licensed tick treatments, turn to the experts at Mosquito Authority. Our mosquito and tick treatments have been helping families and businesses to clear their properties of dangerous inhabitants since 2002. While we provide effective mosquito control mitigation, we’re also known for our tick-repellent services. Give yourself and your family peace of mind from ticks and the disease they carry so you can have the freedom to fully savor all that the season has to offer.

Just like with our mosquito control service, you’ll receive the same great customer experience and benefits that come with our tick control for your yard. Our tick services are applied by our team of specialists with no contracts or commitments. And, of course, the Mosquito Authority guarantee!

Why You Need Professional Tick Control

Ticks, unfortunately, aren’t just creepy and crawly: they’re also dangerous. With over 900 species of ticks worldwide, these parasitic arachnids can transmit numerous diseases that range from mild to life-threatening, including Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, in addition to neurotoxins, allergens, bacteria, parasites, and viruses.

Tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with Lyme disease each year. Newer research methods indicate that approximately 476,000 people may get Lyme disease each year in the US alone. Ticks don’t disappear during the winter months, and infected ticks not only survive below-freezing temperatures but remain active and thrive.

Living in wooded and grassy areas, ticks take up residence in countless backyards in the summer and fall. Fallen leaves, tall grass, and brush provide many ideal residences for ticks to live in, and with a nice habitat, they’re more likely to stick around.

Ticks can stay attached to hosts from a few minutes to a few days and can be difficult to remove on your own. The sooner ticks are removed, the better, but investing in tick treatments is a great solution to avoid them altogether. Our team of experts utilizes high-grade products designed to wipe out ticks on the spot and keep them away longer.

Don’t let ticks make you sick; choose professional tick control for your yard from Mosquito Authority!

Tips for Tick Season

As part of our four-step process, Mosquito Authority experts can provide tips to help control ticks on your property. We’ve assisted countless customers with solutions to avoid getting bitten during tick season, and here are some suggestions you can start with before your initial appointment:

  • Clear your yard of clutter. Like mosquitoes, ticks are commonly found in and around gardens and in wooden areas. Removing leaf litter, tall grasses, brush, and other odds and ends from your yard discourages tick migration.
  • Keep your grass mowed. Ticks also like to live in tall grass, especially on yard edges and where it’s shaded. And who loves playing in the grass? Pets and kids. Mowing on a routine schedule ensures your grass stays short and removes hot spots for ticks to hide.
  • Utilize barriers to your advantage. By creating a three-foot-wide barrier between the grass and woods on your property, you’ll make the journey much more difficult for ticks trying to get into your yard.
  • Discourage animals. While it can be nice to see animals on your property, taking steps to keep deer, rodents, raccoons, and stray dogs from entering your yard can also help deter ticks, as these faunas are often hosts. This can be accomplished by stacking wood neatly and in a dry area, as well as constructing fences.
  • Plant tick-repelling gardens. Ticks are adverse to plants like chamomile, lavender, rosemary, and garlic due to their strong smells.
  • Wear repellent. There are lots of options available for a tick repellent. Natural alternatives like essential oils can help, but you’ll want to look for solutions that contain active ingredients like DEET, IR3535, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, para-menthane-diol (PMD), and 2-undecanoate to best protect your clothes and skin.

Our Best-in-Class Tick Control Services

Mosquito Authority isn’t just for mosquito control; we offer excellent tick control services too! Our best-in-class pest control options include tick barrier treatments and tick tubes.

We utilize the same four-step process as we do for mosquito control services. We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to control ticks, as every property is different. Our experts take the time to identify your problem, thoroughly inspect your yard, and provide a no-obligation estimate with an outline of the scope of work, price, and approach to be used. Then we’ll treat your property, and should ticks return, we’ll come back out and retreat at no additional cost.

We guarantee our services and are committed to your complete satisfaction. We’re able to offer our services without contracts and no commitments, and if you’re not satisfied, there is no obligation to continue service.


Just like our mosquito barrier control services, our tick barrier control services disrupt the lifecycle and help reduce habitats on a long-term basis. With over two decades of experience, our specialists will develop a custom plan to effectively control ticks on your property, taking your unique situation into account. Store-bought sprays for tick control just don’t cut it; our team of professionals expertly utilizes high-grade products to keep ticks away.


One of the best tools in our arsenal against ticks is our tick tubes. Relying on the relationship between ticks and rodents, tick tubes strategically target pests with treated cotton. The cotton serves as bedding material for mice, rats, and other vermin, wiping out ticks on the spot when they come in contact with it. Additionally, tick tubes are made from a biodegradable material, leaving a minimal environmental footprint.

While at-home solutions can be a great start to resolving your tick problem, using Mosquito Authority to professionally assist in controlling these pests can help you stay bite-free all season long. With our help, you can look forward to a tick-free outdoor space as quickly as possible.

Contact us today for more information about tick control and the services Mosquito Authority provides to eradicate pests.

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